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Amruthavarshini is a story which revolves around a soft and conservative girl Amrutha, who gets married to a member of the rich Desai Family Vijay, and adapts herself to the situation as time proceeds. Her sister Varsha, who is also married to another member of the Desai Family and her step mother are always trying to pull her down while mother-in law Shakuntala, supports her stay in the family. Most of the action in this story takes place in the kitchen which looks very unrealistic. Moreover, Ravi R Garani who is the creator of his serial does not make is as humorous as his other serials. Even though Amrutha is constantly 'bullied' by her step-mother and sister, she still believes that they are right and dances according to their tune. She never back-answers to them. This also adds to the unrealistic part of the plot. With all these short-comings, Hema Chaudhary and other cast play and excellent role in this soap. 

For all the action that is taking place in the kitchen of Desai Family, the serial is ranked FIFTH in the list.


In a pilgrimage town of Madhurapura near Mysore, lives Radhika a sweet and dedicated young daughter of Poornachandra Shastry and Devaki. Radhika was found abandoned as an infant in the temple managed by Poornachandra Shastry. Adopted and raised as a daughter, she is a homely, dutiful and hardworking girl. The biological daughter of Poornachandra Shastry is Vishaka, a happy-go-lucky girl aspiring to make it big as an actress in the Kannada film industry. 

The Bharadwajas are a known name in Madhurapura. Jhanvi’s (the daughter-in-law) jealousy and hatred for the family comes from this discomfort of being childless. The hopes of the family now lie upon the younger son Vishal.

Vishal is lured to visit Govardhangiri by his family, in the hope of finding him a bride in the holy pilgrimage town. Vishal comes to Madhurapura from London and falls in love with Radhika at the very first sight. His feelings are reinforced after he sees her on several other occasions. Radhika, at her end, feels the same love for Vishal, but refuses to accept it herself. Vishal’s search for Radhika’s identity ends with a switch of identity where he is told that the girl he is in love with is Vishaka. 

Resolving this dilemma, Vishal has moved on to marry Radhika (for the second time) which is initially opposed by Vishal's mother. This serial has a great plot. The cast, especially Chandan Kumar is playing a great role in the soap. But, the drawback lies in the fact that a lot of stress is laid in this serial to the customs of the Hindu society, which looks North- Indian rather than South-Indian. This clearly shows that this is a remake of a Hindi serial.

For all the pain taken by the director and the producer to emphasize the real phase of Hindu Religion, this serial is ranked FORTH in this list. 


Joint families are slowly becoming a thing of the past. The women folk in the family are always blamed for being the catalyst for disintegrating a united family. This is a story which came as a revolutionizing factor for this concept. Sose Tanda Sowbhagya is a story that revolves around two women, Keerthi (Gayithri) who is trying to keep her mother's brother's family united and Anjali, who is hell bent upon dividing the family. Anjali enters the family as Gayithri, and marries Keshava and grabs the sympathy of the family by misusing their innocence. Keerti enters the family marrying Raghava. None of the family members support their marriage. Yet, both take over their family and live successfully in the same house. The exact story of this soap has just begun as Gayithri and Anjali have just started to challenge each other. This story is yet to take very interesting turns and twists.

For this story which has just begun, rank THREE holds good.


Mukta Mukta is a political story and the action takes place in the state of Rudranchala. This story revolves around a family where only a lady, Shambhavi is working and all others are unemployed or are still completing their education. Gradually the economical condition of the family improves. But very soon members of the family find themselves behind the bars due to various reasons. Keeping the family aside, the story also revolves around complications of the relationship between Neviditha and Devanand, who is the son of ex-chief minister of the state. A lot of characters enter the plot as time proceeds. Mrinalini and Sidhanth the wards of famous political leaders of the state Binga and Shiva Krisha Desai marry against the wishes of their parents and soon find their relationship straining due to the effect of politics. A lot of twists take place in the story henceforth, with most of the lead roles taking part in the elections of the state

The family of Shambhavi around whom the story first revolved is now, not to be seen. This is one of the drawbacks of the plot.

For the successful political scenario set up by the director, T.N. Seetharam and for the excellent court scenes, this serial is ranked TWO.


Preetiyinda is the story of two sisters Neela and Pachche out of whom Neela is dark skinned and Pachche is fair complexioned. Their skin color defines the course of their life and the relationships that they subsequently enter into, forms the crux of this drama. This show brings to the fore, one of the biggest societal black spots in our country that influences judgments and prejudices based on skin color. Right from childhood, Pachche gets all attention of family and society as she is fair skinned and perceived as pretty versus Neela who is sidelined due to the color of her skin. 

This is a story of the bond between two sisters and the sacrifices they make for each other, specially Pachcche who gets married to a mentally challenged person Amay on the condition that Amay's mother agrees to marry her second son to Neela who was not getting any good marriage proposals due to the color of her skin. After a lot of 'hungama' in the plot, Neela enters into a wed-lock with Thejas Sahukar. Now the story currently deals with the dark secret behind Amay's madness.

Everything in this daily soap is extremely good. Starting from the shooting location till the cast and crew, everything is simply 'superb'. The story takes very interesting turns throughout the plot which adds to the crunch of the story. Hats off to the director of this soap, Ashok Kashyap.

For everything that's a part of this soap, this is ranked ONE in this list.


(The order below DOES NOT indicate the position of the show)
Shubhamangala - ETV Channel
Chalisuva Modagalu - Kasturi Channel
Chikamma - Udaya Channel
Krishna Rukmini - Suvarna Channel
Pancharangi Pom Pom -Suvarna Channel


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